[Linux-HA] DMC questions

Adrian Dascalu a.dascalu at fastdigitech.ro
Wed Oct 20 13:58:32 MDT 2010

On 10/20/2010 9:41 PM, Rasto Levrinc wrote:
> On Wed, October 20, 2010 6:19 pm, Adrian Dascalu wrote:
>> 1. (looks like a bug) When trying to connect in 2 steps (first step
>> requires the use of a private key) the product never showed the pop-up
>> where I'm supposed to press enter for a key (as per instructions). Instead
>> it failed with no more auth methods available before any pop-up. Manually
>> establishing a tunnel to the actual cluster members is a usable workaround
>> for now. Is there some trick to using private/public key auth with DMC?
> You mean that you have two hops and the first one requires key and the
> second password authentication? I am not sure about your setup. But
> basically at the moment it is possible to use more hops only if there is
> the same key on every hop, or keys without passkeys.
yes, in my setup the first hop is key and second pass. However, I wasn't 
able to get the dialog for key at the first hop. Not very important though
>> 2.
>> By default the clone resources are shown as a group with no way of
>> telling how many clones are running on each member. Any way of changing
>> this behavior?
> Didn't think about that. :) Now it shows on which hosts it runs. I can add
> a number next to the hosts, how many times it runs on the host.
That would be an improvement. However for globally distinct clones (my 
case) it would help to see witch instance of the clone is running where ...

>> 3. Where is "Show log" option looking into? messages? I'm
>> using logd with custom files ...
> The "Show log" works only for default log locations, obviously this will
> be fixed at some point.

Default location depends on how you configure heartbeat. The old syslogd 
option might through logs to whatever syslogd.conf dictates while the 
new logd option will log to the configured files in logd.cf. So what do 
you mean by "default"?

>> 4. Once a cluster is defined is there o
>> way of deleting it from the configuration?
> You mean something like crm configure erase? This will be added soon.

glad to hear it.

>> 5. Any way of exporting the
>> image of the running cluster other than printscreen/capture?
> It would be possible, but somehow it doesn't strike me as something that
> is done very often. For what would you need that?

It's just a "nice to have" and probably not terribly difficult to 
implement feature. Management folks understand better nicely colored 
pictures and "selling" our work into meetings with a "live" snapshot of 
the running cluster  will be much more effective than words or printouts 
of crm_mon output :)
> Thanks,
> Rasto
Have a great evening,

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