[Linux-HA] Problem around stonith resources IP targets with fence_ipmilan

Alain.Moulle Alain.Moulle at bull.net
Wed Oct 13 09:00:57 MDT 2010


I've recompiled /usr/sbin/stonith in rhel6 and configured the same 
restofence primitives
but with ocf agent 'ipmi' instead of fence_ipmilan, and same location 
constraints for
the restofence primitives,and it works perfectly fine : when I power off 
a node, this is
this node which is fenced by another one, there is no mismatch of ipmi 
IP addr.

So I'm now quite sure that Pacemaker can't work fine with agent 
fence_ipmilan on
clusters with more than 2 nodes, there is something wrong about the ipmi 
IP addr
when the agent is called by Pacemaker, don't know where, but there is 
for sure a
problem around ...


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