[Linux-HA] disable probe (even better, ignore fail) , before start a resource

Michael Schwartzkopff misch at clusterbau.com
Sun Oct 10 00:32:25 MDT 2010

On Sunday 10 October 2010 07:46:18 Jan Kalcic wrote:
> Hi,
> we got an application which fail to start just because the monitor
> operation before "start" exit with return code different than 3.
> Actually the rc is 127 which means "file not found" and this happens
> because the master script in /etc/init.d is llnked to other scripts on
> the shared storage which, of course, is not available on all cluster
> nodes at the same time (file system is mounted only on the active node)
> Using the LSB script here.
> I thinking of writing a OCF script which can somehow "fool" the master
> script, for instance, where the monitor operation does not really use
> the master script but makes other checks.
> Make sense? Any hints?

No, this makes no sense. It would be better to rewrite your script to exit 
with the appropriate return values.

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