[Linux-HA] LVM mirrored volumes

Justin Burket justin.burket at noaa.gov
Thu Oct 7 12:54:28 MDT 2010


I have two array's of the same size available via multipath to two
machines.  I would like to setup a mirror of the LV's across both PV's
but i'm worried about how well this will work in a clustered
environment.  Will the mirroring function work properly with a clustered
volume group?

I'm also pondering where best to locate the log device.  I suspect
putting it to disk would be best but the question becomes which disk. 
My first thought was to carve out another PV from one of the array's but
the failure modes became complicated quickly.

Has anyone worked out a solution using LVM for mirroring in a clustered
environment?  Or would I be better of doing a rsync/tar solution at a
higher level and letting the backup array become a warm backup?

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