[Linux-HA] Testing

devi devi at atc.tcs.com
Fri Jul 17 03:04:18 MDT 2009


	In heartbeat version 2.0.8, the Basicsanitycheck, does the tests
connected with CTS also.  Because when I run the Basicsantiycheck, it
showed messaes of doing even CTS testing.  So , is CTS testing embedded
in Basicsanitycheck.

And when I run the Basicsanitycheck for the heartbeat 2.1.4, it did not
include CTS testing.  So, I thought that for 2.1.4, CTS	 tests have to
be done separately.  But in version 2.0.8, we need not perform the CTS
separately, as basicsanitycheck will take care of it.

Is my opinion correct? Please guide me!!!!!!!!!!!!


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