[Linux-HA] Logd directive question

Geurts, G.P.T.M. g.p.t.m.geurts at i-groep.leidenuniv.nl
Thu Jul 16 06:44:37 MDT 2009

I'm trying to configure heartbeat to log only via syslog-ng, it seems
obvious to me to use the following configuration in ha.cf
logfacility local0
Use_logd off

And remove the logfile directive from the ha.cf
But the documentation at http://www.linux-ha.org/ha.cf states the
logfacility is depricated and the prefered method of logging is via the
I have no idea what this spooky logd  is and why logd is the recommended
way of logging???
Viva syslog-ng!!! ;)

Hope somebody can enlighten me!

Geert  Geurts 
Universiteit Leiden
Afdeling Middleware

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