[Linux-HA] Pacemaker 1.0.4 & Hb 2.99 / question about RA stop target

Alain.Moulle Alain.Moulle at bull.net
Wed Jul 15 08:31:12 MDT 2009


I've a declared an OCF  RA and test the start , stop thanks to hb_gui.
When I start the resource , it starts immediately.
Then if I ask for stopping, it takes 120s to begin the stop, but stop is
executed and successful.
Except if I ask for stopping just after a periodic monitoring issue,
in this case the stop is taken in account imediately.

I don't see anything in my time parameters which could explain this 
is it normal or is it abnormal ?

My timers for the resources declaration are given below.
By the way, the crm_verify -L returns  :
    [root at devha0 scriptsForHA_ST]# crm_verify -L -V
    crm_verify[23924]: 2009/07/15_16:35:34 WARN: native_color: Resource 
res-mv-01 cannot run anywhere
    Warnings found during check: config may not be valid
and I don't see why ... ???

  <primitive class="ocf" id="res-mv-01" provider="pacemaker" type="kvm">
    <meta_attributes id="res-mv-01-meta_attributes">
      <nvpair id="res-mv-01-meta_attributes-target-role" 
name="target-role" value="Started"/>
    <operations id="res-mv-01-operations">
     <op id="res-mv-01-op-start-0" interval="0" name="start" timeout="60"/>
     <op id="res-mv-01-op-stop-0" interval="0" name="stop" timeout="60"/>
     <op id="res-mv-01-op-monitor-180" interval="60" name="monitor" 
start-delay="120" timeout="30"/>
      <instance_attributes id="res-mv-01-instance_attributes">
        <nvpair id="res-mv-01-instance_attributes-ip" name="ip" 
        <nvpair id="res-mv-01-instance_attributes-domainname" 
name="domainname" value="domaine61"/>

Thanks for help

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