[Linux-HA] hbaping.c

Sandra R. Souza sandra at ccuec.unicamp.br
Tue Jul 14 08:40:15 MDT 2009

Hi All!

   I have installed heartbeat-2.1.4-4.1.src.rpm on a RedHat 5.3, and I 
have tested it with hbaping enabled. I have 17 Luns defined for this 
machine on
our storage. And I have installed hbaapi_src_2.2 .
  But when I run hbaapitest it shows only 8 Luns... and heartbeat can't 
open hbaping drive:

heartbeat: [8174]: ERROR: make_io_childpair: cannot open hbaping 

   Does anybody know how to fix it to be able to recognize all the Luns? 
   Thanks a lot.


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