[Linux-HA] Stonith with APC Smart UPS 1000 +Network ManagementCard

Dominik Klein dk at in-telegence.net
Fri Jul 10 00:26:47 MDT 2009

Ehlers, Kolja wrote:
> Yeah it supports SSH but if I log in using SSH there is just a menu to configure the card. Since I can enter only 2 digits at that
> prompt
>      1- Control
>      2- Diagnostics
>      3- Configuration
>      4- Detailed Status
>      5- About UPS
>      <ESC>- Back, <ENTER>- Refresh, <CTRL-L>- Event Log
> I think it will not accept commands to shut down a node. But maybe someone knows better? 

That looks about like what the cfg menu of my AP7920 looks like. I've
never seen a cmdline interface.

Try activating snmp and manage outlets via snmp.


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