[Linux-HA] target-role does not exist with crm_resource

Steinhauer Juergen gawith at gmx.de
Wed Jul 8 05:50:53 MDT 2009

Hi guys!

I've experienced for several times, that I'm not able to query the
resource status with crm_resource:

crm_resource -r app -g target-role --meta
Error performing operation: The object/attribute does not exist

But the meta-attribute is there...

<primitive class="ocf" id="app" provider="me" type="myapp">
  <meta_attributes id="app-meta_attributes">
    <nvpair id="app-meta_attributes-target-role" name="target-role"
    <nvpair id="app-meta_attributes-migration-threshold"
name="migration-threshold" value="1"/>

It worked with pacemaker 0.6 (without the "--meta") and works sometimes
with pacemaker 1.0.3.

Am I doing something wrong? Is this way to query the app's status not
supported anymore?

Thanks in advance.

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