[Linux-HA] Pacemaker 1.0 + heartbeat 2.99 / Problem with failover scores ? (Dejan Muhamedagic)

Alain.Moulle Alain.Moulle at bull.net
Tue Jul 7 05:30:22 MDT 2009

Thanks Dejan, you're right , there was something in the underlying 
that prevent the failover from the node with score 50.
(By the way, the command ptest -Ls returns : ptest: option `-Ls' is 

Anyway, my problem now is that if something fails on the expected 
failover node,
the resource will be failovered on one of the remaining nodes (I have 4 
nodes) and
I don't want this. So I thought about adding two constraints with 
for the both remaining nodes, so for one resource I would have :
1 location constraint score="100" for node1
1 location constraint score="50" for node2
1 location constraint score="-INFINITY" for node3
1 location constraint score="-INFINITY" for node4
but as I have 32 resources dispatched on the 4 nodes, that makes a lot 
of constraints
and Pacemaker or Heartbeat-v2 seems to have a limit max for
the number of constraints, doesn't it ??

Thanks for your help.
> Did you check the scores with ptest -Ls? Perhaps some of the
> resources failed on their prefered nodes earlier. Other
> constraints, if there are any, may also have influenced the CRM.
> If that's fine, then it should work the way you expect. And if it
> doesn't please file a bugzilla with hb_report for the incident.
> Thanks,
> Dejan

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