[Linux-HA] maintenance on 2 nodes in a ha linux cluster

Jonathan.Ilroy at smals.be Jonathan.Ilroy at smals.be
Thu Jul 2 08:45:37 MDT 2009


I am puzzled by a strange behavior of HA (version 1 with 2 nodes, simple
Here's the scenario : 2 nodes (servera and serverb) are running HA on
Linux Debian 5.0.2. All software installed with versions provided by
HA is working correctly when one node is made unavailable and brought
However, in this scenario :

1) servera is shutdown (say, for maintenance)
2) serverb is shutdown (again, for maintenance, intentionally creating a
loss of availability)
3) restarting servera (at this point, HA on servera is not restarted, no
heartbeat, no resource, etc. --> ????)
4) restarting serverb (at this point HA, heartbeat  is restarted on both
nodes and the cluster works correctly again.)

It is strange that after point 3) HA is not restarted and the resources
are not made available on servera even if serverb is not yet available. As
soon as one node is up it should start the resources. I have also noted
that restarting manually heartbeat after point 3)  works. Only the
automatic restart of heartbeat does not work. Of course heartbeat is
configured to start automatically.

Is this a normal behavior of HA v1 ?

Here's ha.cf :
debugfile /var/log/ha-debug
logfile /var/log/ha-log
keepalive 1
deadtime 10
warntime 2
initdead 30
udpport 694
ucast   eth1
auto_failback on
stonith_host servera.mydomain.com external/xen serverb.mydomain.com
xen-stonith at
stonith_host serverb.mydomain.com external/xen servera.mydomain.com
xen-stonith at
node    servera.mydomain.com
node    serverb.mydomain.com

And here's haresources :

servera.mydomain.com IPaddr:: drbddisk::r0 iscsitarget

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