[Linux-HA] cronjob replacement possible?

Michael Schwartzkopff misch at multinet.de
Thu Sep 27 08:04:47 MDT 2007


I want to move some scripts from cron to heartbeat. Is this possbile? I tried 
the following:

   <primitive id="resource_Dummy4" class="ocf" type="Dummy" 
   <instance_attributes id="my_Dummy_start" score="100">
     <rule id="my_ip_start" boolean_op="and">
       <date_expression id="date_expr" operation="date_spec">
         <date_spec id="my_date_spec" hours="4-6"/>
       <nvpair id="resource_Dummy4_target_role_start" name="target_role" 
value=" started"/>
   <instance_attributes id="my_dummy_stop" score="10">
     <rule id="my_ip_stop" boolean_op="and">
       <date_expression id="date_expr2" operation="date_spec">
         <date_spec id="my_date_spec2" hours="7-23"/>
       <nvpair id="resource_Dummy4_target_role_stop" name="target_role" 
value="s topped"/>

and it did bad things (really bad things!) to my test machines. Is this 
possible? If yes, how? Thanks for any help.


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