[Linux-HA] Ha.cf and hosts

Parodi Luca Parodi.Luca at asf.ansaldo.it
Wed Sep 26 05:53:47 MDT 2007

Good Morning,


We use Linux Novell SLES 10 SP1 and Linux-HA heartbeat-2.0.8-0.19 rpm


When we configure the ha.cf must use the hostname of the public LAN or
private LAN?


As follow we write the hosts file present in the nodes of cluster: nodob.asflab.int nodob      nodoa-hb      nodob-hb nodoa.asflab.int nodoa switch


And ha.cf file:


autojoin any

crm true

bcast bond0

bcast bond1

node nodob

node nodoa

#respawn root /usr/lib/heartbeat/pingd -m 100 -d 5s -h switch



respawn root /usr/lib/heartbeat/pingd -m 100 -d 5s

respawn root /sbin/evmsd

apiauth evms uid=hacluster,root

#deadping 20    # 20 seconds


keepalive 2 # 2 second




Bye Luca



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