[Linux-HA] membership unchanged but quorum changed

Shiney James shineyjames at gmail.com
Mon Sep 24 21:21:51 MDT 2007


I do have the following queries regarding heartbeat behavior. Your input
regarding this is very much appreciated.

If the system time is changed will heartbeat restart itself. I saw the
following behavior - the halogs indicate "clock jumped backwards.
Compensating." Then the message "membership unchanged but quorum changed".
Then heartbeat shuts itself down and starts up again. 

When does heartbeat detect that quorum has changed? Would this have caused
heartbeat to restart itself?

Also, if there were a few resources active while shutting down, when
heartbeat comes back up will the resources also be restarted?

Thank you

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It means that the system time was changed back in time.
Heartbeat warns you this way ;-)
Best thing to do is to keep all nodes synced using ntp.
Doing so makes also diagnosing problems easier,
like looking up log-files by timestamp.


Shiney James schreef:
> What does the following messages indicate "Clock jumped backwards.
> Compensating",
> "membership unchanged but quorum changedsomething is wrong"
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