[Linux-HA] About the problem that failcount is ignored

HIDEO YAMAUCHI renayama19661014 at ybb.ne.jp
Thu Sep 20 23:31:09 MDT 2007


I constituted a cluster in two nodes.
I operated the next...

1)I cause a monitor error in an active node(rh44-1).
2)failcount of the active node becomes 1.
3)A resource moves to a standby node(rh44-2).
4)I stop a standby node(rh44-2).
5)The resource does not run anywhere.
6)I pushed the CLENAUP RESOURCE button with GUI(hb_gui).
7)failcount is 1, but a resource runs in the first

I think that it is strange that the resource starts in the
first node till failcount clears it.

How do you think?

Best Regards, 
Hideo Yamauchi 
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