[Linux-HA] change a nvpair's value without restarting of aresource

Junko IKEDA ikedaj at intellilink.co.jp
Thu Sep 20 07:14:36 MDT 2007

> > > the metadata is cached, not the value.  the metadata should only
> > > rarely need to change
> >
> > ok, it seems like our request is against the concept of metadata.
> you've lost me.
> you want changes to a resource's attribute to be sent to the resource
> but not cause a restart.... thats exactly what this does.
> what you can't do is have the attribute behave one way and then the
> other later on.
> either an attribute needs a restart to take effect or not - and the
> person writing the RA should decide that, not the user

I have an assumption that user would do this operation.
so it's beside the point in that way, right?
this topic is very useful for the person writing the RA.


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