[Linux-HA] one resource defines as group starts twice

Junko IKEDA ikedaj at intellilink.co.jp
Thu Sep 20 07:01:40 MDT 2007


This is a really strange phenomenon...
I created the cib.xml, there was one group resource, and it included three
Dummy resources.
When I run this on two nodes, it worked well.
but I noticed that the Dummy resource which was defined first in group would
start twice when I run it on one node.
ha-debug said like this;
update_action:    * (implies right) Marking action Dummy01_start_0 mandatory
because of grpDummy_start_0

grpDummy means ID for group resource here.
why grpDummy_start_0 is needed?

The attached logs are cib.xml, ha-debug, bz2 file, and results of ptest.
I also posted this to bugzilla #1709

Best Regards,
Junko Ikeda


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