[Linux-HA] Split Brain Bug reproduceable

Harakiri harakiri_23 at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 20 05:49:58 MDT 2007

This is a follow up to this message :


With heartbeat 2.0.7 which is the stable release of
debian/etch :

When you have only a short network outage between 2
nodes in a 2 node cluster - say 15 min, after the
network is restored both nodes work fine, crm_mon
shows both nodes as ONLINE on each host.

However, when you have a larger gap  - currently we
have verified it with 4 to 7 hours - after the network
has been restored on each node crm_mon shows only the
host itself where crm_mon is executed as ONLINE - on
both hosts. So they both independently say they are
online but they dont think that the other one is

There seems to be a timing related bug here - or,
there is a specific timout setting when this should
happend (according to the last reply i got tho, it
should never happend).

Im trying to build the latest stable 2.1.2 now for
debian - seems there is no DEB package available
anywhere ?

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