Release Policy (was: Re: [Linux-HA] 2.1.2 and failover of colocated resources)

Peter Clapham pc7 at
Thu Sep 20 04:39:47 MDT 2007

On 20 Sep 2007, at 11:12, Andrew Beekhof wrote:

> On 9/20/07, Peter Clapham <pc7 at> wrote:
>> I've also found that on a busy heartbeat system /var/lib/pengine
>> needs a clean before performing an upgrade on all nodes... but as
>> always YMMV :-)
> oh?  what happens if you dont?

Recount from memory of 2.0.7-2.0.8 upgrade so apologies for greyness  
in details...

Basically the ugraded node was taken off line, upgraded (Debian so  
dpkg -i packages) then restarted. At this point the upgraded node  
would attempt to start but failed to join the cluster. Regrettably no  
longer have logs for this, hence I can't recall the precise reason  
for this [apologies for the, therefore, somewhat anecdotal info].

Pretty much following the previously outlined process and restarting  
the system the nodes would achieve a cluster status and DC etc went  
fine BUT no resources were starting up on the upgraded node.  
Repeating the flush and removing the contents of /var/lib/heartbeat/ 
pengine allowed all to come back to life and the resources restarted  
as expected.

Apols again for the lack of logs, but this took place a while back  
and I now perform my testing on clean vmware snapshots and hence none  
of the above now applies :-)


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