[Linux-HA] Shortest monitor interval practical?

Doug Knight dknight at wsi.com
Wed Sep 19 09:33:56 MDT 2007

What is the shortest monitoring interval that's practical? I know it
relates to system performance, but assuming a properly sized hardware
platform, and a reasonable loading, what are people's experiences with
short monitor intervals? Is it possible that a short interval could
cause monitor requests to get queued up, or does heartbeat wait for a
response from the monitor request before issuing the next one? How does
timeout value factor in (i.e. is there any rule of thumb for its
relation to monitor interval, shorter longer, doesn't matter)? In our
case, we are considering monitoring a resource every 15 seconds, with a
timeout of 10 seconds, but may need to ensure a restart in a shorter
period of time.

Doug Knight
WSI Inc.
Andover, MA

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