[Linux-HA] stonith and failover problem

FG fabrice.grelaud at u-bordeaux1.fr
Wed Sep 19 08:04:34 MDT 2007


I use heartbeat 2.1.1 in an active/passive configuration.

I'am testing differents failover and how stonith reacts ?

When my active node is down (hardware failure or simply kill -9 PID(hb master)), Stonith with apcmastersnmp from my standby node shoot the active node and  resources are failover on the standby node. GOOD...

Now my problem:
1- If I unplug the network card, pingd reacts and failover the resources on the other node BUT stonith doesn't shoot the active node before.
2- Same problem whith resource's failure, at the end of the sixth failure (depends of my configuration stickiness), the resources are failover on the standby node BUT again, stonith doesn't shoot the node.

Do i miss sommething ? how to obtain the anticipated result ?

I attach my cib.xml for information.



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