[Linux-HA] Question regarding primitives and groups inside a clone

Raoul Bhatia [IPAX] r.bhatia at ipax.at
Wed Sep 19 04:37:19 MDT 2007

Andrew Beekhof wrote:
>>> Clone Set: clone_ocfs2_www
>>>     ocfs2_www:0 (heartbeat::ocf:Filesystem):    Stopped
>>>     ocfs2_www:1 (heartbeat::ocf:Filesystem):    Started webcluster01
>> when using a group instead of the primitive, things do not work as
>> i think they should. the result is, that the group is started clone_max
>> times:
>>> Clone Set: apache2_clone
>>>     Resource Group: grrr:0
>>>         apache2:0       (heartbeat::ocf:apache):        Started webcluster01
>>>         mysql-proxy:0   (lsb:mysql-proxy):      Started webcluster01
>>>     Resource Group: grrr:1
>>>         apache2:1       (heartbeat::ocf:apache):        Started webcluster01
>>>         mysql-proxy:1   (lsb:mysql-proxy):      Started webcluster01
> ok, thats wrong.
> if you attach the complete CIB i'll make sure that gets fixed
>> the only way to avoid this is to use a constraint like:

please find the cib file attached to this message.

uncommenting the following produces the correct behavior:
>        <!--<rsc_colocation id="no_dual_clone" to="grrr:0" from="grrr:1" score="-INFINITY" />-->

thank you,
raoul bhatia
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