[Linux-HA] Failed actions drbdlinks

Philip Gwyn liste at artware.qc.ca
Tue Sep 18 17:57:20 MDT 2007

I have mysql set up with drbd.  Here is my http://awale.qc.ca/ha-linux/cib.xml

If I issue :
    crm_resource -M -r mysql -H host-2.awale.qc.ca 

To move "everything" over to host-2, I get an error message about drbdlinks. 
Or maybe drbd.  But I eventually end up with something like:

crm_mon -1

Last updated: Wed Sep 19 19:56:25 2007
Current DC: host-1.awale.qc.ca (1da8804b-8a93-4145-9d40-1133699fe377)
2 Nodes configured.
9 Resources configured.

Node: host-2.awale.qc.ca (77c6bcf6-f1e9-4e62-a33e-6ddd3530b92e): online
Node: host-1.awale.qc.ca (1da8804b-8a93-4145-9d40-1133699fe377): online

share-drbd      (heartbeat:drbddisk):   Started host-2.awale.qc.ca (unmanaged)
vmstat-mon      (heartbeat:daemontools):        Started host-2.awale.qc.ca
mysql   (heartbeat::ocf:mysql): Started host-1.awale.qc.ca
msg_first       (heartbeat:msg):        Started host-1.awale.qc.ca
IPaddr_10_0_0_59        (heartbeat::ocf:IPaddr):        Started
Clone Set: DoFencing
    child_DoFencing:0   (stonith:apcsnmp):      Started host-2.awale.qc.ca
    child_DoFencing:1   (stonith:apcsnmp):      Started host-1.awale.qc.ca

Failed actions:
    share-drbd_stop_0 (node=host-2.awale.qc.ca, call=39, rc=20): Error

Now, I can fix the drbd setup by hand.  But how do I get heartbeat to realise
it is now fixed and allow its migration?


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