[Linux-HA] change a nvpair's value without restarting of aresource

Junko IKEDA ikedaj at intellilink.co.jp
Tue Sep 18 06:10:28 MDT 2007

> > > This is not tested - but i would think this may work:
> > > 1. set the resource to "unmanaged"
> > > crm_resource -r <resource> --meta -p "is_managed" -v "false"
> > > 2. change the resource parameters
> > > crm_resource -r <resource> -p "pair-name" -v "Right-Here-Change"
> > > 3. set resource to managed again
> > > crm_resource -r <resource> --meta -p "is_managed" -v "true"
> >
> > A promising approach!
> > I followed the procedure with 2.1.2-2,
> > but the resource have restarted unfortunately.
> > It seemed like a good idea...
> Maybe it helps when clear the LRM between step 2. and 3. with:
> crm_resource -C -r <resource> -H <host where resource runs>

Many thanks,
It worked! 
but heartbeat could not stop normally for no reason...
("service heartbeat stop" is freezing)

by the way, our customer will use 2.0.8 for a while,
so I set up the resource parameter which we want to change its value without
restarting to "meta_attributes" in cib.xml right from the start.
and change it with crm_resource command.

This might be a wrong way,
because you said that meta_attributes should be set for parameters which
concern the CRM.
our parameter might not be so related to CRM,
it'll be set as meta_attributes for now, temporary solution.

> As far as I know heartbeat does not have the functioanlity to say:
>  "I want to change the resource parameters but my resource (agent) does
> need a restart to use the new parameters"
> ---> maybe a thing for the bugzilla-feature list.

ok, I'll.
I believe dev version is getting better day by day.


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