[Linux-HA] change a nvpair's value without restarting of a resource

Junko IKEDA ikedaj at intellilink.co.jp
Tue Sep 18 04:30:02 MDT 2007

> > is there any way to change that value without restarting of the
> This is not tested - but i would think this may work:
> 1. set the resource to "unmanaged"
> crm_resource -r <resource> --meta -p "is_managed" -v "false"
> 2. change the resource parameters
> crm_resource -r <resource> -p "pair-name" -v "Right-Here-Change"
> 3. set resource to managed again
> crm_resource -r <resource> --meta -p "is_managed" -v "true"

A promising approach!
I followed the procedure with 2.1.2-2, 
but the resource have restarted unfortunately.
It seemed like a good idea...
> Btw this is also the major difference between resource meta-attributes and
> resource parameters:
> - change in meta attributes usually do not (but it may - 'target_role'
> the start/stop status) stop (or start) the resource.
> - change in resource paramater ---> alway stop/restart resource
> That's why you should use meta-attribite for parameters which concernt the
> (like is_managed, target_role, resource_stickiness, priority, ...).

I see.
I should have thought more about when I've created the cib.xml.


> Btw. the --meta option was introduced with version 2.1.1. so 2.0.8 and
> do not have it.
> kind regards Max

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