[Linux-HA] restart x times before a failover

Spindler Michael Michael.Spindler at baaderbank.de
Tue Sep 18 03:07:18 MDT 2007

Hi *,

I´ve got a (hopefully) simple question:

I have 5 node cluster, running 20 resources (single proceses). I would like to have the following behavior:
If a resource fails, it should try to restart it on the same node. But this should be done max 2 times, then the rsesource should failover to another node. The resource should not do a auto failback, after a failed host is up again.

I have tried the following: 
- default_resource_failure_stickiness set to -1
- resource_stickiness set to 3 (on each resource)
- no places or other constraints configured.

According to http://linux-ha.org/v2/faq/forced_failover we should get:

(stickiness) / abs(failure stickiness) = maximum times, a resource can fail before moved to another node.

So in my case: 3 / abs(-1) = 3

But my resources do a failover to other nodes immediatly after the first failure.

Anyone here who is able to help me with this failover-scenario?

Thanks a lot & best regards,

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