[Linux-HA] Starting and Stopping LSB resources and adding Nodesusing CIB.

Raoul Bhatia [IPAX] r.bhatia at ipax.at
Tue Sep 18 00:45:21 MDT 2007

Chad Osmond wrote:
>>> What is the correct process for starting an LSB resource, or having 
>>> CIB recheck a resource to see if it's been started when 
>>> it's a LSB resource.
>>> I have seen LSB resources shown as not running, when they 
>>> are indeed running.
>> from cib.xml or a lsb scripts point of view?
> From the point of view of CRM/CIB. If service dhcpd says failed, and I
> start it manual, resolve the issues, and then start it and leave it
> running, how do I make CRM aware it's now running?

i think its somehow related to the operations/monitor settings.
but i do not fully understand that either :)

so i have to leave this to the others.

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