[Linux-HA] Score Calculation

Dominik Klein dk at in-telegence.net
Fri Sep 14 00:26:11 MDT 2007

>> Yes I meant the resource is running first and crashes later on, so that
>> monitor reports "not running".
> generally, one shouldn't report "not running" in such cases

Okay, maybe I should have read this more precisely.
"monitor - monitor the health of a resource. Exit 0 if the resource is 
running, 7 if it is stopped and anything else if it is failed"

Okay. Good to know. But how can I (my RA) know wether Linux-HA expects 
my resource to run or not to run when it calls the monitor script?
Iirc it calls "monitor" on probe and on monitor action. Is there a way 
to determine what it expects to get? Because the way I understand it 
now, I have to return OCF_NOT_RUNNING in case "monitor" is called by 
probe and the resource is not runnning and return OCF_ERR_GENERIC (or 
some other non-0 and non-7 value) if "monitor" is called by monitor and 
the resource is not running.

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