[Linux-HA] CPU time consumption of lrmd

matilda matilda matilda at grandel.de
Wed Sep 12 04:58:59 MDT 2007

Hi all,

after running HAv2 (2.1.2) for a while now (thanks for all the
necessary advice and help) I found out that lrmd is consuming
relativly much CPU time as stated by 'ps'.

I just want to ask the technical reason and if it's plausible.
* 14 resources are in started state, that means for 14 resources
regularly monitor actions are performed. The lightweight ones
about every minute. The costly ones about all 3 minutes.

* Server and HA is up now: 5 days and 13:40

* 'ps ax | grep lrmd' shows   397:49 /usr/lib64/heartbeat/lrmd -r

Is this normal? How can this be explained?
I would assume, that lrmd does "nothing more" than listening
to the commands send by crmd, starting resource agents (which do the
work), waiting on the return code (reading output) and sending
the result back to the crmd.

Best regards
Andreas Mock

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