[Linux-HA] the way to stop all resources after recoveringfromSplit-Brain

Junko IKEDA ikedaj at intellilink.co.jp
Wed Sep 12 02:11:15 MDT 2007

> > > surely after the cluster has recovered there is no need to stop
> > everything...
> >
> > I found "multiple_active" option, and set it to "stop_only" for the
> > resource.
> > it worked well for now.
> > heartbeat noticed that the same resources run on two or more nodes,
> > "multiple_active" option would stop them.
> ahhh, i see what you mean now.
> wouldn't you want to prevent resources from running on both cluster
> partitions though?

Well, I just want to stop the all resources on all nodes after it can come
back from SplitBrain.
It may be that the resource won't work due to SplitBrain.


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