[Linux-HA] when does node join a circle of membership?

Junko IKEDA ikedaj at intellilink.co.jp
Wed Sep 12 01:48:19 MDT 2007


I'm trying the following test case.

1) heartbeat process is at a stop on two nodes
2) get out the cable for interconnect LAN
3) start heartbeat on both nodes, of course, SplitBrain will arise
4) connect the cable, heartbeat tries to tackle SplitBrain
5) each node can recognize its peer node

so far so good.
but, the added node could not join the membership after all.
cibadmin said like this;

<node_state id="9d9ca527-cea9-470c-9e03-e49fe5630bba" uname="prec370e"
crmd="online" crm-debug-origin="do_update_resource" shutdown="0"
in_ccm="true" ha="active" join="member" expected="member">
<node_state id="6a42b4b7-7a31-4ae7-b241-ed4ad4267ec6" uname="prec370d"
ha="active" crm-debug-origin="crmd_ha_status_callback"/>

I wish the added one's staus (uname="prec370d") were also 'in_ccm="true"
ha="active" join="member" expected="member"'.

When does node join a circle of membership?
Is it hard to recover from SplitBrain in a case like this?

Best Regards,
Junko Ikeda


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