[Linux-HA] Is this a bug?

superline007 superline007 at 163.com
Wed Sep 12 00:55:18 MDT 2007

Dear HA-man:
As I could not find anything available in this list's archives, any ideas would be appreciated. 

 I'm trying to set up a HA cluster ( 2 nodes) with heartbeat (2.0.8) / drbd (8.0.0) on Red Hat
Enterprise WS 4.0.
When the primary gets down over 20 minutes, the secondary generates a lot of messages like
"Cannot write to media pipe 0", then it stopped all services and exit.

It found the other node's ethernet adpaters were down. But it seems the heartbeat can not decide the othe node in cluster is dead. 
I have searched in this community, and there were somes cases getting the same problem like me but without any solution.
So is this a bug? Any ideas, ervery one?

The ha.cf and log are attached.
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