[Linux-HA] Linux-HA IP Failover

Jordan Mendler jmendler at ucla.edu
Tue Sep 11 17:31:12 MDT 2007

Hello all,

I am new to Linux-HA and trying to assess whether or not it will suit our
needs. After searching the mailing list archive, I could not find a thread
that was totally relevant, except one that had not been answered. I am
trying to find an IP failover solution for our 'active-active' apache
cluster, in which we have 2 (soon to be more) identical and independently
running apache webservers, each with its own public and private IP. Each
public IP is part of a DNS round-robin archive, which we use to distribute
the load to both machines.

What we would like to implement is a solution such that when a server goes
down, it's public IP will be moved to another webserver which will then have
2 active public IP addresses until the broken webserver is brought back
online and can reacquire its IP. We have found software called wackamole
that does this (http://www.backhand.org/wackamole/), however wackamole has
been acting a little strange in our testing.

With that said, is Linux-HA capable of this type of configuration for
multiple 'active' webservers (or non-webservers for that matter, as we will
ultimately be needing to do something similar for a SOLR search cluster)?
How does Linux-HA compare to something like wackamole? Are there any other
products that are worth considering for this type of scenario?

Thanks so much,

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