[Linux-HA] mgmtd and SLES9

Ciro Iriarte cyruspy at gmail.com
Mon Sep 10 05:52:49 MDT 2007

2007/9/7, Jose Jerez <tale.toul at gmail.com>:
> Hello,
> I'm trying to compile heartbeat 2.1.2 in SLES9 SP3 on Power, but I got
> an annoying problems with mgmtd/hb_gui
> When connecting to heartbeat using hb_gui the following error pops up:
> "Failed in the authentication. User Name or Password may be wrong or
> the user dons't belong the the haclient group"
> The password is right, I can connect using ssh, and the user hacluster
> belongs to the haclient group
> # id hacluster
> uid=90(hacluster) gid=90(haclient)
> groups=90(haclient),14(uucp),16(dialout),17(audio),33(video)
> This error message appears in the log file:
> mgmtd[5656]: 2007/09/04_09:57:37 ERROR: on_listen receive login msg failed
> No other error messages appear in the logs
> Heartbeat seems to start fine, and the CIB is empty, no resources or
> nodes configured yet.
> The system is SLES9 SP3 on Power (ppc64) and the Heartbeat version is
> 2.1.2 compiled from source.
> I compiled the same source on a SLES10SP1 on i586 and didn't find the
> problem, at least not after changing the /etc/pam.d/hbmgmtd to use pam_unix2.so
> So my guess here is that some libraries in SLES9 are too old for
> mgmtd.  Am I right?
> Is it actually possible to have this combination of SLES9 and
> heartbeat 2.1.2 working?
> I'll keep on trying for a solution to this, otherwise I might have to
> use HACMP and I don't like that a bit.
> Any hints to solve this will be appreciate
> Regards.

I also had problems with SLES9SP3 and HB2 remotely connecting with
hb_gui. I commented it here, but never got a solution. We are using
kerberos for authentication and that (or maybe just using a failback
configuration in pam, kerberos ---> local) seemed to break the login,
disabling the kerberos option on PAM allowed me to login.

I obviously restored my kerberos config and now i only use the CLI
utilities and can work just fine with that (and given that the GUI is
outdated and does not support some operations, i don't miss it


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