[Linux-HA] Ethernet link down NO failover;(

Dominik Klein dk at in-telegence.net
Fri Sep 7 04:24:14 MDT 2007

>      <constraints>
>        <rsc_location id="rsc_location_group_NFS" rsc="group_NFS">
>          <rule id="prefered_location_group_NFS" score="100">
>            <expression attribute="#uname" 
> id="prefered_location_group_NFS_expr" operation="eq" 
> value="nfs00001"/>
>          </rule>
>        </rsc_location>
>        <rsc_location id="pingd:connected" rsc="group_NFS">
>          <rule id="pingd:connected:rule" 
> score_attribute="default_ping_set">
>            <expression id="pingd:connected:expr:defined" 
> attribute="default_ping_set" operation="defined"/>

I think this is your problem. pingd will still run with bond0 being 
completely disconnected. So it will still set the attribute (propably to 0).
You need to check for the value >0 as a second expression.

Moreover, i dont see a score for this rule?!

>          </rule>
>        </rsc_location>
>      </constraints>

I think it should look something like this:

        <rsc_location id="connected" rsc="group_NFS">
          <rule id="connected_rule" score="-INFINITY" boolean_op="or">
            <expression id="connected-rule-1" attribute="pingd" 
            <expression id="connected-rule-2" attribute="pingd" 
operation="lte" value="0"/>


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