[Linux-HA] HB2 with DRBD (master_slave) and OCFS2 (clone)

Raoul Bhatia [IPAX] r.bhatia at ipax.at
Thu Sep 6 09:39:32 MDT 2007

Raoul Bhatia [IPAX] wrote:
> hi,
> i have a problem with hb2, drbd and ocfs2 and two (master-master) nodes:
> 1) when i start one node:
> heartbeat is starting and activates the 2 drbd devices. most of the time
> they become master (primary) but sometimes even this fails (see attached
> config/logfiles)
> ocfs2 should wait until the corresponding drbd device is in master
> state and then be mounted but somehow (as far as i can see in the logs)
> ocfs2 is started immediately after the drbd device and is not waiting
> for the drbd device to become master hence failing to start.
> then the ocfs2 resource is never started again.
> manually activating/mounting the drbd and ocfs resources is no problem.
> i can even set the env variables and use the scripts to do that.
> 2) when i start both nodes:
> when i start both nodes, most of the time the drbd devices start
> successfully and are placed into primary/primary mode.
> ocfs2 fails to start on one node, failing over (or it is started on the
> second node) and is successfully mounted there.
> so my question is: is there a configuration error in my cib.xml and/or
> is this a hb2 bug?

seems like some constraints like:

   <rsc_order id="drbd_www_before_fs1" from="clone_ocfs2_www" 
action="start" to="ms_drbd_www" to_action="promote"/>
   <rsc_colocation id="fs1:0_on_drbd_www" to="ms_drbd_www" 
to_role="master" from="ocfs2_www:0" score="infinity"/>
   <rsc_colocation id="fs1:1_on_drbd_www" to="ms_drbd_www" 
to_role="master" from="ocfs2_www:1" score="infinity"/>

solve this issue.

i guess that the problem lies within > from="ocfs2_www:X" <.

can any1 confirm this behavoiur and tell me, why
   <rsc_colocation id="fs1:1_on_drbd_www" to="ms_drbd_www" 
to_role="master" from="ocfs2_www" score="infinity"/>

somehow does not seem to work?

kind regards,
raoul bhatia
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