[Linux-HA] Re: Stale NFS File Handles, even with fsid=1234

Hildebrand, Nils, 232 Nils.Hildebrand at bamf.bund.de
Tue Sep 4 03:21:46 MDT 2007


just an additional tip:
The inode-Number, the IP, the minor and the major number of the device
that serves NFS have to be the same to keep the same NFS-file-handle.
So either setup the drbd-devices accordingly on both sides or use lvm on
top of drbd and keep minor/major of lvm in sync.

Kind regards, Nils
> [...]
> very good, DRBD is the way to go then.
> > Thank you Peter and Yan, I appreciate your help.
> You are welcome, why don't you start reading here:
> http://www.linux-ha.org/DRBD/FAQ
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