Antw: Re: Re: [Linux-HA] CRM and STONITH questions

matilda matilda matilda at
Thu Oct 25 03:34:19 MDT 2007

>>> Dejan Muhamedagic <dejanmm at> 25.10.2007 11:17 >>>
>> One per machine and resticted to run on the other...what have you thought?  ;-))
>That should suffice. BTW, I don't think this (don't wanna kill
>meself) is a very serious issue, because a typical situation is
>that another node does a reset.

Hi Dejan,

I agree with you. The "problem" arises when I get a failure on the
monitor action of the stonith plugin, failcount and the corresponding
calculation forces the stonith resource to be moved to exactly that 
node which has to be shot. My intent is to have a fallback situation
in which the stonith plugin can (!) be moved to the node which has to
be killed. 

As far as I understand it now: If this would happen, I'll see the
stonith resource moved to the other node, feel happy about the
nice failover mechanisms but the stonith agent will prevent to shoot
itself. In this case I can get rid of the whole failover mechanism.

This is the motivation to discuss about it.

Happy digging
Andreas Mock

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