Antw: Re: Re: [Linux-HA] CRM and STONITH questions

matilda matilda matilda at
Thu Oct 25 02:46:47 MDT 2007

>>> "Andrew Beekhof" <beekhof at> 25.10.2007 10:09 >>>
> one primitive total or one per machine?
> if the later, a rsc_location constraint telling it not to run on its
> own host would be enough

One per machine and resticted to run on the other...what have you thought?  ;-))

> but long term i think the filtering logic needs to be removed from
> stonithd - but then its not me that has to do it :-)

I think so, too.
I'm anxious to hear what Dejan says. :-)

Have a nice day
Andreas Mock

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