[Linux-HA] many-to-one HA

matt matt at moveit.com.au
Thu Oct 25 02:42:12 MDT 2007

Hi List,

I recall reading a post from 2004 talking about many to one HA, and I couldn't find much on it at all. I am wondering if it is available for use with heartbeat?

If not, wondering if anyone has manually run up many instances of heartbeat using seperate config files.

We've been using HA and DRBD now for a while, but due to servers and networks being really stable, we are about to hit power consumption limits with our next upgrades, and figured that if we had 1 crazy machine being a backup HA server for 2 or 3 servers, that would solve some problems.

Any information, advice or comments, welcomed and appreciated.

Thanks. Matt

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