[Linux-HA] CRM and STONITH questions

matilda matilda matilda at grandel.de
Thu Oct 25 01:54:18 MDT 2007

>>> "Andrew Beekhof" <beekhof at gmail.com> 24.10.2007 18:40 >>>
>> Beat me. That's what it does in the code which I recently
>> reviewed. With the exception of testing, i.e. if it's run with
>> '-t'.
>i think thats a mistake
>a 1-node cluster could conceivably want to shoot itself in case of a
>resource failure

Hi Andrew, hi Dejan,

if it's true it brakes my current configuration as I don't use clones
but primitive stonith resources. Mmmm. 
I don't know a reason why it has to be this way. Any hints?

Best regards
Andreas Mock

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