[Linux-HA] remove the node online

Junko IKEDA ikedaj at intellilink.co.jp
Wed Oct 24 03:18:56 MDT 2007

> > > > I tried to remove some nodes online using cibadmin -D.

> > > i think there is a hb_del_node tool that you need to use
> >
> > what is "hb_del_node"???
> a cli tool that comes with heartbeat

ok,  I tried /usr/lib64/heartbeat/hb_delnode.
is it possible to delete the node name from crm_mon when I call this script?

# ssh sl000237 service heartbeat stop
# /usr/lib64/heartbeat/hb_delnode sl000237
# cibadmin -D -X '<node id="659398ee-35f9-42fe-9dec-4261a29ba480"
uname="sl000237" type="normal"/>'

the node name(sl000237) disappeared.

# ssh prec370d service heartbeat stop
# /usr/lib64/heartbeat/hb_delnode prec370d
# cibadmin -D -X '<node id="6a42b4b7-7a31-4ae7-b241-ed4ad4267ec6"
uname="prec370d" type="normal"/>'
Call cib_delete failed (-42): Write requires quorum <null>

Can I delete "prec370d" from crm_mon in one way or another?


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