[Linux-HA] remove the node online

Junko IKEDA ikedaj at intellilink.co.jp
Wed Oct 24 00:25:31 MDT 2007


I tried to remove some nodes online using cibadmin -D.

there were three nodes, first.

Node: sl000237 (659398ee-35f9-42fe-9dec-4261a29ba480): online
Node: prec370e (9d9ca527-cea9-470c-9e03-e49fe5630bba): online
Node: prec370d (6a42b4b7-7a31-4ae7-b241-ed4ad4267ec6): online

Resource Group: grpDummy
    prmDummy    (heartbeat::ocf:Dummy): Started prec370d

I stopped the heartbeat service on the each node,
and called "cibadmin -D" like this,

# ssh sl000237 service heartbeat stop
# cibadmin -D -X '<node id="659398ee-35f9-42fe-9dec-4261a29ba480"
uname="sl000237" type="normal"/>'
--- no error ---

# ssh prec370d service heartbeat stop
# cibadmin -D -X '<node id="6a42b4b7-7a31-4ae7-b241-ed4ad4267ec6"
uname="prec370d" type="normal"/>'
Call cib_delete failed (-42): Write requires quorum

I set no-quorum-policy = ignore,
but, is quorum required if I set more than three nodes?

is "cibadmin -D" the right way to remove or replace the node from member of
heartbeat in the first place?

Best Regards,
Junko Ikeda


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