[Linux-HA] change the resource order in group online

Junko IKEDA ikedaj at intellilink.co.jp
Tue Oct 23 05:02:19 MDT 2007

> > > -R preserves the order in which items appear in your update
> > > -U does not
> > >
> > > _however_
> > >
> > > IIRC, the current method of sending the changes to the other nodes is
> > > not capable of preserving the order :-(
> as of yesterday, this is no longer the case.
> just doing -R will be enough from now on...

I tried again using dev version (changeset:eff0a9cb1d45).
it seems that both -R and -S are still needed to change the order...
crm_mon on DC could change their order with just -R,
but the other node, the order wouldn't be changed until -S is set.
and the resources which have started already are restarted for all that.


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