[Linux-HA] pingd, quorum, split-brain... should I give up?

Riccardo Perni riccardo.perni at aslromab.it
Mon Oct 22 06:45:42 MDT 2007

Hello to all,
it is several days that I'm trying	to set-up a split-site cluster but
with scarce results.

Since the two cluster nodes will be several Km away I cannot set up a
reliable communication media between them, so I have to run heartbeat on the
main Ethernet;  I hoped that using pingd and an external ping site could
help me to solve the potential conflict that will showup, but probably I'm
not smart enough to solve this problem... Can someone help me?

Actually I've set up a test using virtual machines
Only one resource is running (a virtual IP using ocf:IPaddr) and only one
constraint copied from linux-ha.org pingd FAQ.
All seems to work right and if I broke the network connectivity of one of
the nodes the resource is runned by the node with woking network; but both
nodes get the "dc" status and when the connectivity is restored I have a
split-brain condition with both nodes running the resource. Is it possible
to handle this situation?


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