[Linux-HA] CRM and STONITH questions

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Mon Oct 22 05:21:22 MDT 2007

>HAv2 tries to shoot the node which has to be. So, it's possible that it
>shoots itself, as far as I know. But why are you concerned about that?

Only concerned because I saw another stonith script protect itself from
shooting itself and I just wanted to make sure that HA2 isn't just
sending the complete list for who knows what reason.
If it's definitely sending only the hostlist of nodes it definitely
wants to stonith then fine.. If it's possible that HA2 may think it
should stonith itself and the HA community thinks it's something that
does happen then that's fine too, I'll remove my anti-foot shooting
parts I've just added in.
Just want to be sure I've written my script to work the way stonith
devices should work since I made this unit myself and it works quite
well from command line.

Now to add all this to my live server *shudders in fear*......


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