[Linux-HA] drbd8 doesn't get primary status

Arnaud Ligot arnaud at cblue.be
Sun Oct 21 15:31:50 MDT 2007


I have just joined the mailing list. I have some problems with
heartbeat. Like the problem described into this thread:
([Linux-HA] Couldn't mount filesystem /dev/drbd0 on /shared)

Like on this thread, I'm using drbd8 and heartbeat V2. I'm using debian
etch, drbd comes from backports-etch and heartbeat from opensuse.

I managed to make heartbeat works (with a simple ip address, an apache
server,....). I also managed to make drbd works. I can mount, unmount,
change primary, remount,... But I cannot manage drbd from heartbeat.
I follow a lot of documentation and like Alejandro Rios both node start
drbd successfully but none of them get primary status. I tried to add
the constraints defined in howtoV2 with a rsc_order constraint with
action="start" and to_action="promote" with no effect. It has the same
result wether I add this constraints or not. 
Due to the fact that none of the two node get primary status, none of
them could mount /dev/drbd0. 

now, If I start drbd using heartbeat and then typed into a console the
command which promote the current node to primary status, I can mount
the filesystem through heartbeat... and it works. So it lacks only one
command line for making things working.

Could you help me by pointing me some documentation or by sending
cib.xml which describe a working cluster.

Best regards,

Arnaud Ligot.

PS: I just started with heartbeat/drbd so if my question seems to be too
stupid please point me to a complete documentation.

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