[Linux-HA] CRM and STONITH questions

matilda matilda matilda at grandel.de
Fri Oct 19 07:38:03 MDT 2007

>>> Dave Blaschke <debltc at us.ibm.com> 19.10.2007 14:39 >>>
> Until the plugin is actually configured, it does not have access to the 
> attributes - this is the same for external and built-in plugins.  For 
> operations that just return information, such as getconfignames and 
> getinfo, the plugin does not need to be configured.  For actions that 
> actually DO something, like gethosts, status, reset, etc. the plugin 
> does need to be configured.  Now if your plugin is loaded and 
> configured, then even the getconfignames operation will have access to 
> the attributes - but there is no reason to call getconfignames at this 
> point because it was called before the plugin was loaded in order to see 
> what attributes the plugin needs to be loaded.

Hi Dave,

that's what I explained to myself after investigation.
But: I don't have a nice way to configure e.g. a debugging flag.
If I want to enable debugging I want to see debug output of the whole
life cycle of the stonith plugin.

In my personal opinion there has to be a way to tell the external stonith
plugin to do some kind of tracing/logging.
Or do you have a solution to tell this from the outside?

Best regards
Andreas Mock

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