[Linux-HA] change the resource order in group online

Junko IKEDA ikedaj at intellilink.co.jp
Thu Oct 18 20:41:09 MDT 2007

> -R preserves the order in which items appear in your update
> -U does not
> _however_
> IIRC, the current method of sending the changes to the other nodes is
> not capable of preserving the order :-(
> so you'd want to run it on the DC and then use -S which will do a full
> replace (thus making sure all nodes have the new ordering)
> > should "cibadmin -R" be used to change the resouce order in group
> see above, "sort of"
> > and is it expected that the resources start again?
> if all resources were running
> and the only that changed was the order (no attributes added/removed)
> then i'd not expect that the resources would be restarted

I tried again on DC;
# cibadmin -R -x update.xml
# cibadmin -S

The whole update.xml is here;
       <group id="grpDummy">
         <primitive id="prmDummyC" class="ocf" type="Dummy"
         <primitive id="prmDummyA" class="ocf" type="Dummy"
         <primitive id="prmDummyB" class="ocf" type="Dummy"

The resource order was changed well,
but it seems that they restart.
see the attached logs.

It might be the same issue with this;

pengine[32300]: 2007/10/19_11:28:58 debug: update_action:    * (implies
right) Marking action prmDummyA_start_0 mandatory because of
pengine[32300]: 2007/10/19_11:28:58 debug: update_action:    * (implies
right) Marking action prmDummyB_start_0 mandatory because of


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